Our boudoir sets provide the privacy most women want, showing off the sexier side you want to portray for your special someone.  This usually features a more intimate look, maybe in lingerie, his dress shirt or tie, jersey, etc.  Sexy settees and beautiful headboards help to showcase you and the stunning look you were born to rock.


Some women feel that they want to show off their sexy side without showing too much skin. Demure styled sessions are a wonderful opportunity to show that gorgeous side of you in a more formal or modest way.


Get wet (and dare we say wild?) and incorporate water into your Red Haute experience. These sessions can be photographed nearby, in and even under water.

Haute Momma

Haute Momma sessions are typically photographed between 27-33 weeks, they may include daddy-to-be and can be as sweet or sassy as you like. This amazing time in your life can still show off that sexy side and bring out that glowing look


Wear your wedding gown or the nothings that hide underneath. Bridal boudoir gives your groom an amazing gift on your big day.

This is also a fantastic reminder to your 'groom' of several years the beautiful bride he married.


Go retro and play up that classic beauty look.  This look and set are so much fun, and give everyone a chance to showcase that timeless beauty.


Take your boudoir experience out into the world with an adventure session.  Photographed in an old warehouse, our private barn or your own bedroom.


Our Couples session is a great date night, and perfect experience to celebrate the one you love.  You can create beautiful images and artwork to capture your romantic love.